Algodon Wine Estates Vineyards

In San Rafael's Cuadro Benegas district, where Algodon Wine Estates is located, winemakers have discovered a unique advantage specific to our geography. Located in southern Mendoza, the district is situated between the Diamante River to the north and the Atuel River to the south, and both are fed by the purest glacial runoff from the snowcapped Andes Mountains. The location between these two rivers has had a remarkable effect on the soil conditions in the area, and it has been said that Cuadro Benegas has the best soil to cultivate grapes in the region and, arguably, in South America.

Our antique olive groves and an abundant variety of fruit and nut orchards further enrich our bountiful estate, which embraces eco-friendly concepts and ecologically responsible science for the production of our fine products.