Algodon Wine Estates Barrel Room

Algodon’s winemaking process utilizes microvinification for our highest-quality varietals and blends. Microvinification is a totally handmade process that begins with a selection of the harvest’s best grapes, which are then added unpressed into French oak barrels to ferment for 60 days at a controlled temperature. Once the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation separates the pulp and the skin of the new wine, the aging process continues in the barrels for up to 24 months.

Practiced far more commonly in France, microvinification is typically uncommon in Argentina, and Algodon Wine Estates is one of the few wineries in the country to implement this specialized process. The technique is a precise one, which our winemakers diligently carry out by hand from start to finish. As the entire vinification and maturing of the wine is completed in a single French oak barrel, this establishes an exceptional collaboration between the grape and the vessel for the production of Algodon’s ultra-fine varietals and blends.