Gaston's Wood-fired Ribeye

Gaston's Wood-fired Ribeye

With Vegetables and Fresh Herbs

Argentina is a country traditionally associated with free-range cattle farms and a love of delicious beef.

It’s one of the largest exporters and consumers of beef, and its extensive soil with quality pastures makes it one of the most important meat production sites in the world.

In turn, Argentinians boast of being the best beef grillers.

Ask anyone from Argentina and they’ll tell you, you can cook meat in many different ways: in a pot, on the grill, in a pan, in the oven. But without a doubt, the most loved method for cooking meat is wood-fired with a typical Argentine grill.

At Chez Gaston Restaurant, located at Algodon Wine Estates, we use this centuries-old gaucho tradition to cook the “eye of the beef,” better known as Ribeye here in the states, on our wood-burning grill using our farm’s fruit trees as the wood. Cooking these meats usually takes a while, but we use a boneless cut to shorten the cooking time. We also pay close attention to the grill temperature because the cooking is done by the embers and not by direct fire.

To accompany the steak, it’s great to have a side of vegetables. We like to bake our veggies ‒ like potatoes, onions, and carrots ‒ in a clay oven. You also need a good sauce to go along with this dish, so we serve a delicious chimichurri sauce. All of the herbs in the chimichurri sauce are farm-to-table. We cultivate them all right here at Algodon Wine Estates, as well as nearly any fruits or vegetables that you see on our menu.

Lastly, you also need a fine red wine to pair with this dish.  We've got that covered too.

One of the best wine pairings for this Argentine Beef Ribeye dish is our award-winning Bonarda—made from Argentina’s second most planted grape varietal, after Malbec. Traditionally known as a blending varietal, its popularity is growing as single varietal, high-quality wine.
Deep red colored, with purple nuances. Typical ripe red and black fruit aromas with soft floral notes. Soft in the mouth, but also silky with a lot of structure and complexity, and soft, round tannins. The finish is elegant and persistent.


Below is the recipe for Chef Gaston’s wood-fired ribeye.  Do try this at home.

Let’s break it down:


4 steak ribeyes of about 300 gr. each
4 medium potatoes
2 onions
2 carrots
Assorted greens
Algodon Wine Estates Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh herbs (oregano, rosemary, thyme)
Salt and pepper


Clean the vegetables with plenty of water. Place the vegetables in a roasting pan and take them to the oven until they are just cooked. Cut the potatoes and onions into quarters. Slice the carrots. Return them to the roasting pan and add salt, pepper, and olive oil. Cook until golden brown. Heat the grill until hot, brush the meat with olive oil using a silicone brush. Cook the steaks for about 10 minutes on each side. Serve the steak with the vegetables, greens and herbs. This dish is served best with authentic Argentine chimichurri!

Enjoy With Bonarda & Bonarda Blends

Enjoy with Bonarda & Bonarda Blends

Algodon Reserva Malbec-Bonarda
Algodon Reserva Malbec-Bonarda

Algodon Reserva Malbec-Bonarda

2014 Bonarda - Gold Medal - 2017 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition
2014 Bonarda - Gold Medal - 2017 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition
Algodon Fine Wines Bonarda

Algodon Bonarda 2014

2012 Grand Cuvee - Gold Medal (Oaked Malbec Blend) - 2020 Drinks Business Global Malbec Masters
2012 Grand Cuvee - Gold Medal (Oaked Malbec Blend) - 2020 Drinks Business Global Malbec Masters
Algodon Grand Cuvee

Algodon Grand Cuvee 2012

Bottle of Algodon Pinot Noir
Bottle of Algodon Pinot Noir

Algodon Estate Pinot Noir 2015


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