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We're celebrating World Malbec Day!

We're celebrating Malbec World Day!

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In the mood for some Malbec?  You’re in luck!  Malbec World Day arrives this week, and Algodon Wine Estates has been getting everything ready for the event!

Celebrated annually on April 17, Malbec World Day is a global initiative created by Wines of Argentina that seeks to promote and position Argentine Malbec as one of the most prominent in the world — commemorating its success in the international wine market.

Malbec World Day is a fairly new tradition that harkens back to 2011, however it has managed to position itself as a historic and cultural event in the global promotion of wine.

This celebration, and the intention behind it, holds significant meaning to many Argentine wineries, including ourselves as it aids in the promotion and publicity of our wines.

As you know, several of our Malbec varietal and Malbec blends have been awarded with prestigious accolades over the years, including our 2012 Grand Cuvee which won a Gold Medal in the category of “Oaked Malbec Blend” from the 2020 Drinks Business Global Malbec Masters, as well as our 2012 PIMA which received 91 Points from Wine Enthusiast. Both of these wines, as well as other outstanding Algodon Malbec varietals and blends can be purchased right here on our website.

At Algodon Wine Estates, we’re offering a special Malbec Menu at Chez Gaston Restaurant, as well as some wine promotions for estate residents and locals. If you can’t join us there, make sure you check some of the recipes Chez Gaston shared previously in our blog so you can have your own celebration at home.

You can also support us from home by taking pictures of yourself enjoying your favorite Algodon Malbec, and tagging us on social!

Happy Malbec World Day! Salud!

Algodon Malbec 2016
Algodon Malbec 2016

Algodon Malbec 2016

Algodon Reserva Malbec-Bonarda
Algodon Reserva Malbec-Bonarda

Algodon Reserva Malbec-Bonarda


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