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New Buds of Spring:

New Buds of Spring

Introducing Our New Black Label Pinot Noir

Introducing Our New Black Label Pinot Noir

Right around the third week of October—when Argentina’s Spring foliage first sees its new leaves and bright blooms, our Pinot Noir vines are the first to bud. It’s that time of year, and along with this new beginning, we’re very excited to introduce our first ever black label Pinot Noir.

We crafted this wine in a limited production of just 1,400 bottles, aging it in new French oak barrels for 24 months. 

We also put this wine through microvinification, a winemaking process reserved only for our highest-quality blends.

The result is a Pinot Noir with a perfect balance of acidity and tannins.

And microvinification is what makes our black label Pinot Noir different from all the others on the market. We’ve never made a microvinified Pinot Noir before, so if you want to get in on this exclusive experience, you’ll want to order early. 

Great for cellaring!  Buy a few cases...then drink one and cellar the rest.  These wines can achieve collectible status.

Right now, you can pre-order en primeur bottles of this microvinified black label Pinot Noir.  We expect to ship all orders upon U.S. arrival, scheduled for October 2022.

Algodon Black Label Pinot Noir 2018
Algodon Black Label Pinot Noir 2018

Algodon Black Label Pinot Noir 2018


Great for cellaring!  Buy a few cases, drink one and cellar the rest. These wines can achieve collectible status.  This special black label Pinot Noir was crafted in limited production of 1,400 bottles, utilizing the microvinification process— a winemaking method reserved for our highest-quality varietals and blends. Our Pinot Noir harvest took place just after the first half of March when the grapes had grains of ripe seeds and firm skin. We managed to keep the grapes practically intact during fermentation, to extract all the aromas, which we achieved by delaying the start of malolactic fermentation for 5 days and using a cold extraction process. We then macerated the grapes in whole bunches at different temperatures to end up with a greater tannic structure. This wine was aged in new French oak barrels for 24 months.  The result is a Pinot Noir with perfectly balanced acidity and tannins. You’ll be thrilled to sip this from your glass. Cheers!

This Pinot Noir was planted in 2000 with plants specifically selected for the Cuadro Benegas region, which has warm days and cool nights. Clones 777-778 were chosen, which give a measured production of very small clusters and grains with rigid skin and little foliage, important for insolation in the ripening of the fruits.

The resulting wine is of a medium intensity red cherry color, with fruity aromas.  Notes of red fruits such as raspberries and currants can be detected, as well as tobacco and chocolate derived from the passage through the wooden cask.  On the palate it is delicate with soft and balanced tannins, with mineral, earthy and some mushroom touches that are striking, and balanced acidity with a persistent finish.


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